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Part Gazing | Part 2 (Complete)
Watchmen / Comedian

Fandom: Watchmen
Rating: NC-17
Characters/Pairings: Sally/Walter
Summary: Part two of two (read part one). Sally needs some extra help if Walter's willing to volunteer. Originally written as a captcha response for the kinkmeme.

"Ms. Jupiter?"

She woke by degrees, first rolling her back against the chair, then stretching out her arms and making a soft little "hmm?" sound that sent Walter's thoughts scattering. He flicked his tongue over his lips and swallowed.

"Um. Finished, Ms. Jupiter." He gestured with his chin. "The lawn."

"Oh, right. Already?" She looked past him to the neat grass, then frowned and leaned over to pluck her wristwatch from the ground.

"Crap. 2:45? I should've turned over fifteen minutes ago."

"Tanning?" Walter asked hesitantly.

She nodded and reached for her suntan lotion.

"The key to a good tan is even exposure." She said, squirting some lotion onto her palm. "If you stay on one side too long, all you'll get is a burn."

Walter nodded solemnly and watched her fingers slide through the dollop of lotion as she lathered it on both palms.

"You could do with some of this yourself, dear."

He touched his shoulder and winced in agreement. He had a towel for his neck and a hat for his head, but suntan lotion was a luxury he couldn't afford and so there was no help for the sun's relentless attack on the rest of him. At least the skin hadn't started to peel yet. He could bear a sunburn's dull ache, but the dead skin flaking off was itchy and annoying.

"Come here." She said.

He blinked, inched closer. "Ma'am?"

She gestured to the edge of the lawn chair. "Don't worry. I don't bite, remember? Now have a seat."

Slowly, taking great care to avoid touching her in any way, Walter eased himself onto the chair.

"Now then," She said. "Let's see--"

The air at his back felt electric, alive, and so he knew she was leaning over him even if he couldn't see her. He tensed his jaw and dug his fingers into the fabric of his jeans.

"Relax, dear." She said, but he did just the opposite when slick fingers curled over his shoulders.

"Ms. Jupiter," He wanted to say, but all he could manage was a strangled noise as she started massaging his biceps in firm circles.

"You've got to better care of yourself, Walter." She said gently. Her voice was so close to his ear. "You're a good kid. I know you talk about wanting to get out of this town, but dreams are only worth it if you're well enough to enjoy them. You know?"

"Y-yes ma'am."

She worked in silence as Walter tried to focus on anything but how his crotch throbbed in time with the soothing rhythm of her hands.

"All done." She said an eternity later. He sprang from the chair, glanced at his crotch, found himself still presentable, then turned to face her.

"Thankyoumsjupiter." He blurted out.

"No problem, dear." She smiled, then started to reach for the folded bill tucked under her sandal.

"Oh!” She said, stopping. “One more thing before you go. Would you mind...?"

She hunched over and twirled a finger at her back.

"It's always easier when you've got someone else to do it for you." She said. "I know you're in a hurry, dear, but it will only take a minute."

He wasted that minute gawking at her. Then, realizing it, he swallowed hard and dug his nails into his palms until the pain made his stomach stop flip-flopping.

"Sure Ms. Jupiter." He stammered.

Wordlessly, she handed him the lotion bottle.

"Mind my hair," Ms. Jupiter said, startling him as he stared at the smooth expanse of her freckled back. They'd re-positioned themselves in the lawn chair; Ms. Jupiter now sat with her legs crossed facing the back of the chair, while Walter half-straddled, half kneeled on the seat behind her.

When he didn't respond, she reached around her neck and swept her thick ponytail over the front side of her shoulder, exposing the delicate nubs of her spine.

"Don't want any lotion on the ends; it's a bitch to wash out."

"Oh. Right." He nodded. "I'll be careful, Ms. Jupiter."

He glanced from his lotion-smeared palms to her back, as much to steel himself as to plan his approach.

"Everything okay back there?" Ms. Jupiter said, her voice light with amusement. Walter's ears flushed red.

"Fine Ms. Jupiter. Where--where should I start?"

"Oh, it doesn't matter. You just have to be careful to apply it evenly-- and everywhere."

His fingers hovered in the air for a moment longer, unsure. Then he took a deep breath and let his fingertips rest on her shoulder blades and began to rub her skin in small, perfunctory circles.

"Woah kiddo!" She laughed. "You're putting on lotion, not washing a car."

"Sorry." He said, jerking away from her. "Didn't mean to--"

"No, no, it's fine. Here. Let me show you."

She twisted halfway around to cup Walter's hands in her own and bring them to her sides.

"Firm, gentle pressure," She began as she guided Walter's hands, but he wasn’t paying attention. Not to the lesson, at least.  She was as soft as he'd imagined she'd be, and her skin had warmed not-unpleasantly after so long in the sun. She dug his fingers in harder, saying something about pores, and he could feel the firm muscle just beneath the surface of her skin pull taut and slacken as she moved.

"--way." She said.

Walter shook his head. "Pardon?"

"I said, 'That string always gets in the way.' If it weren't for Laurie being scandalized I'd go without. I really do hate tan lines."

"Oh." He said. The string in question fastened her bikini top.

"You know," Ms. Jupiter said in a conspiratorial voice, "Laurie isn't here right now."

He realized she was waiting for a response.

"Out with friends?" He ventured.

"Who knows? She's a teenager now; I don't keep tabs on her." She waved her hand dismissively. "But that does mean I can get a proper tan for once.”

She looked at him over her shoulder. The sharp half-curve of a smile dimpled her cheek. “You don't mind, do you?"

"Don't mind...?"

She gestured at the string.

He sputtered wordlessly for a second, then said "Ms. Jupiter!"

Ms. Jupiter winced.

"Walter." Her voice was low. And this time when she turned she didn't stop until she was facing him. The humor had leaked from her expression, leaving in its place something between wistfulness and embarrassment. "Look, sweetheart. I'm sorry if I'm making you uncomfortable. It's just...I'm an old bird, kiddo. Once upon a time I'd have had boys like you banging down my door, but now..."

She shook her head. "It doesn't matter. Look, I can pay you now if you like, and you can go on home. We'll just try and forget this ever happe--"

"Not true." Walter said quietly. She heard it anyway.


"You're beautiful, Ms. Jupiter." Walter said. Even in the heat he could feel his face glow a few degrees warmer. "Very beautiful."

He was still staring at the lawn chair, and so didn't see Ms. Jupiter's hand come forward to tuck under his chin and tip his head up.

"Thanks kiddo." She said, smiling.

Then she kissed him.

Her lips gave easily against his own, frozen as he was by disbelief. When she pulled away (too soon) Walter flicked a tongue over them. He tasted a hint of orange from the lip gloss she wore.

She reached forward and smoothed back the stray bristles of his hair, offering him a hesitant smile.

Walter licked his lips again, to moisten them this time. Then, he leaned forward and closed his eyes.

A hundred half-remembered glimpses of loving couples raced through Walter's head as Ms. Jupiter's lips met his once again. He tried to remember the angles, the gestures, the rhythm, but all he could manage was twisting his lips around awkwardly and feeling even more foolish than he had before.

"Walter, honey." Ms. Jupiter said, leaning back. He was too embarrassed to meet her eyes, but couldn't avoid it when her fingertips brushed his cheek. "Relax. You don't have to try so hard. Here, let me..."

He did nothing at first. Ms. Jupiter kissed at the corners of his mouth, at the hollow where it curved into his chin. Then her lips brushed his in a series of slow, soft movements until Walter realized the pattern in them and tried to match it. He felt a thrill of delight when Ms. Jupiter made a pleased noise in her throat and scratched her fingers against the cotton fabric covering his chest. Walter's own hands alternated between clutching at his jeans or the plastic of the lawn chair; whether or not she sensed his frustrated motions he didn't know, but either way she stopped long enough to take his hands and bring them to her hips.

"It's okay, Walter." She murmured. "You can touch me."

He moved slowly, using little more pressure than he had when he'd been putting on the suntan lotion. When she didn't rebuff him he grew bolder, venturing to her back to caress the ridge of her spine, then up her sides to trail his fingers over the faint impression of her ribs. He winced when his palm bumped into the curve of her breast. Ms. Jupiter just smiled against his jaw, and leaned into the contact.

His breath caught.

Her breasts were heavy and warm in his hands, even through the fabric of her bikini. He curled his fingers in, just a little, marveling at how something so substantial could yield easily to his touch. He felt her nipples harden against his palm. When Walter brushed one with the broad of his thumbnail Ms. Jupiter arched forward; the pressure of Walter's hands on the bikini fabric sent her top sliding halfway up and off her breasts. Walter swallowed and inched the fabric up the rest of the way. The skin beneath her top was the lovely milky color he knew her by the rest of the year. Her nipples were flushed and peaked, and Walter couldn’t resist catching one between his fingers.

Ms. Sally moaned and raked her nails over the sensitive skin of his belly, sending sparks through his nerves. He whimpered and bucked his hips.

"Sorry about that." Ms. Jupiter said against his jaw. "I guess I've been having all the fun, haven't I?"

Whatever Walter might have said in reply vanished in a gasp as Ms. Jupiter squeezed him through his jeans.

"Such a big boy." She purred. She slid a single finger up the outline of his length as Walter ground himself up into her palm. "How you aren't crawling in girls, kid, I'll never know."

"Not--not particularly...handsome." He finally managed. "Ms. Jupiter..."

"Oh, I don't know about that." Ms. Jupiter said. Her hands worked at the fly of jeans. "Not conventionally, maybe, but there's something to be said for a rough-cut looks. That and the fact that you're a real little gentleman and well..."

She pulled down his briefs until his cock sprung forward. She smiled. "I think some of the little ladies around here are definitely missing out. And by the way, honey, you can call me Sally."

She nipped at the shell of his ear.

"Ms-- Ms. Sally," He moaned, and she laughed not unkindly.

"You really are a gentleman, you know that Walter?"

He didn't respond, his breath sucked away by the rush of pleasure as she started to stroke him. He buried his face in the crook of her shoulder, inhaling the coconut smell of the suntan lotion and a faint undercurrent of sweat.

"Let me know if I'm doing it right." She murmured into his ear.

Doing it right? Already this was a thousand times better than his hurried, shameful fumbling when he was alone. He couldn't imagine how she could possibly--

Then, to Walter’s horror, she stopped.  A sharp, needy cry escaped his lips before he could stop himself. She shook her head and grabbed his knee, tapping it sideways until he got the hint and swung his legs around over the edge of the chair. She sat on the grass between his knees; anticipation barely had time to register in his mind before she'd leaned forward and taken him into her mouth.

His sucked in a breath. One hand clenched at the edge of the chair and the other wound into her hair, which had somehow come out of its ponytail since they'd begun. He thrust shallowly into her mouth, half to avoid choking her and half because he could feel the thrumming in his nerves reaching a crescendo, could feel his body going taut.

"Ms. Sally," He said. "I'm going to --"

She swept her hair over her ear and winked at him. The sight of his cock vanishing into between her lips, and the way her cheek billowed as bobbed up and down, was too much. His eyes screwed shut and grit his teeth as hips gave a series of stuttering thrusts before he tensed and came.

When the last shudders ebbed away, he opened his eyes. The world seemed bleary, no thanks to the warm dizziness in his head. He watched Ms. Sally  throat his cock out of her mouth and pause to kiss the tip like a fond farewell.

"Good?" She asked.

In answer, Walter flopped back onto the lawn chair. She laughed and patted his thigh.

"Glad to hear it."

He saw her arm move, and followed its direction. At some point while she’d sucked him off she'd pushed the crotch of her bikini bottoms aside to bury her fingers between her legs. She realized he was watching, and smiled.

"Do you want to see?" She asked him gently. He nodded.

She abandoned her bikini bottoms on the grass. Then she lay on the lawn with her knees up and spread herself, revealing moist, pink flesh. Walter’s eyes widened as she took her index finger and pressed until it vanished up to the second knuckle. With her thumb she flicked at her clit, pulling a sigh from her lips.

Walter's hand drifted to his cock. He was paying so much attention to the deft play of her fingers that he felt rather than saw her gaze on him, and when he looked up her eyes were on his cock. Her touch seemed more focused, more urgent as she watched him. Something about the attention sent a thrill through him. He bit his lip and stroked himself slowly, his focus no longer between her legs but instead on the look in her eyes.

He was hard again when Ms. Sally suddenly stood up. Walter's cock gave a throb as the heady smell of her arousal filled his nostrils.

"Lie back." She said quietly. Walter obeyed.

She tugged his pants down past his knees. Then she straddled the chair and took his cock in the hand still sticky from her own juices to angle him.

Her eyes were wide and dark as she stared down at him. Walter swallowed, hard.

"Ready baby?" She murmured.

"Please." He said. It sounded pitiful to his ears, but Ms. Sally just stroked his cheek. (he could smell her even stronger now and suddenly couldn't believe that he was here, that this was really happening, that they had-- that she'd--)

"Oh God-- Ms. Sally--!"

She took him in until their bodies were pressed together, until his thighs were sticky with the dampness between her legs. It was like her mouth but tighter, deeper, and when she was on her knees he hadn't been able to see the way Ms. Sally's back arched towards the sky, or how the sweat on her body made her glow.

The wet slap of skin on skin filled the air like a heartbeat. Their hands went everywhere stroking, teasing, even scratching when a spike of pleasure shuddered through them. When Ms. Sally leaned down to kiss him he tangled his fingers in her hair and met her mouth as though he'd done it all his life. Her tongue flicked at his lips and suddenly she was inside of him, too, warm and slick and wonderful.

Walter's body felt tight, full, like there was too much pleasure swarming through him and nowhere else for it to go. He dug blunt fingers into Ms. Sally's hips as his mouth went slack and the world started blurring by degrees.

A thought flickered through his head. He looked at her, a question in his eyes, but she shook her head and brushed her thumb over his lip.

"Don't worry, baby, it's all taken care of."

Then her voice was in his ear, her words a jumble to him but her tone encouraging, perhaps even pleading. He broke the rhythm of their bodies as his hips jerked once, twice then he buried himself in her as deep as he could go and let out a groan that seemed to rattle up from his bones.

When it was over he slumped against the chair. Then tension had drained from his body, leaving in its wake a pleasant numbness that circled the edges of Walter's mind, trying to lull him to sleep. He blinked slowly up at the still-bouncing form of Ms. Sally, whose palm rested on the soft red curls below her belly while her fingers were scrabbling at the slick skin between her thighs. In a few moments her mouth flew open and she went taut; her tremors rattled through Walter's nerves where their bodies joined. Afterward she lifted herself off of him. Though it was easily 80 degrees outside, Walter suddenly felt cold.

Ms. Sally winked at him, then turned away. The ambient sounds of the suburbs-- cicadas in the trees, the hiss of a neighbor's sprinkler, the distant growl of a lawnmower-- trickled back into focus just as Walter's mind started fading again.

"I suppose my next lesson will be in proper post-sex etiquette." Ms. Sally said, her voice teasing.

Walter jerked awake and looked around wide-eyed. When his gaze lit on Ms. Sally, (her bikini on, her hair tied back) it took him a half-second to remember what had happened. Then he blushed.

"Sorry. Didn't mean to--"

"Relax, Walter." She squeezed his shoulder. "It was your first time, right? Trust me, you'll have plenty of opportunities to learn the mysteries of the bedroom after this."

"Oh." He said. Then, hesitantly, "You mean…I can come back?'"

"Only if you want to. I'm certainly available."

"...Would like that, Ms. Sally."

"I'll tell you what, we'll even go inside next time. And not just because the lawn chair has my skin looking like railroad tracks."

At that Walter examined his own legs and saw that, yes, there was an even pattern of bright red lines debossed in his skin from the chair’s plastic strips. They tingled. Quite a bit, actually. He scratched at them and Ms. Sally chuckled.

"I should probably get back home." Walter said as he started putting his clothing to rights. He felt embarrassed suddenly, with his pants around his ankles, his cock hanging limply on his thigh, and his freckled, farmer-tanned skin on display. As if sensing his discomfort Ms. Sally patted his knee and said, "I'll wait by the gate."

When he approached her he saw the bright green of a bill peeking between her fingers. He held up his hands.

"No, Ms. Sally, it's really not--"

"Oh no, kiddo, none of that. You mow the lawn and I pay you for it. That's business. Anything else...well, isn't."

"Thank you, Ms. Sally." He stuffed the money into his pocket.

"See you next week?" She asked.

"The lawn won't need mowing for another two weeks." Walter said, frowning.

"No, but Laurie's heading down to the beach with some of her friends for the weekend. I get so lonely when the house is empty. It'd be nice to have some company."

He tipped his head down, feeling his cheeks burn like a brand. "Will see you then, Ms. Sally."

She leaned down to kiss his jaw where it met his ear. "I look forward to it."

Walter stepped out of her yard and onto the sidewalk. His head swirled with a strange, pleasant mixture of exhaustion, disbelief, and joy. He was sure the smell of sex still clung to him. He wondered if it would last until he got home, if as soon as he opened the door his mother would pluck the cigarette from her mouth long enough to wrinkle her nose and spit something caustic at him as he passed.

But it wouldn't matter, he decided. Because this wasn't business, not like his mother's shameful acts. Ms. Sally had said so herself. Most importantly, Ms. Sally deserved happiness. And for as long as she wanted him, Walter would bring it to her in any way he could.

He smiled, stuffed his hands into his pockets, and began the walk home.

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Awww heh heh heh!

Will there be a part 3?

I'd meant to write an epilogue explaining where poor Laurie was during all of this. I may still yet.

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